HATS OFF to a stunning Kahler Performance!

Nothing short of “exceptional” in the quality, service and timeliness of the dinner service provided by Kahler Grand Hotel catering. Comments received from guests included: “Best Ever,” “Great Service,” “Superb,” and “Wow.”
The food was delicious, great presentation, service was outstanding and the room looked wonderful. As always, the doors were open on time and the guests enjoyed a wonderful meal. I greatly appreciate your attention to detail and enjoyed partnering with you on this event.
I cannot thank you enough for contributing to the success of the 2012 Argent Society Celebration.

Pamela K. Mickelson, Mayo Clinic

All, I happened to sit with Dr. Stephen Hersh, who told me he is the medical advisor to the Marriott family, at last night’s media panel, and he had nothing but good things to say about the conference. He said he’s been to literally hundreds of conferences in his career and was very impressed by ours. In particular he commented on ….

· the food – he was pleased to see we offered more than donuts and coffee for breakfast, and the soup-in-a-pumpkin quite delighted him
· the ambiance – he noticed the changes in the music and lighting to affect the attention of the audience
· the use of the audience response devices to engage the attendees
· promotion of the event – in particular the impressive attendance numbers
· the live streaming to media and others unable to attend in person
· the fact that we were putting on such an event for a center so newly created

Laurel J. Kelly, Mayo Clinic


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